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Jim Marousis and Karen Reinhardt are Second Chances, a musical duo featuring folk, rock, blues, and original songs as well as music from the 40s.


Many of us hope for “second chances” in our lives, whether because of mistakes made, missed opportunities, unexpected losses, or just because. We have found our second chance with one another.


Jim has been playing music professionally on and off for over 50 years while working as an educator in the public schools for over 40 years, but he still has the heart of a puppy!  He loves jambalaya from the Café Carpe, Stephen King novels, homemade pecan pie, the blues, John Prine and Karen...not in that order!


Though now retired, Karen taught English as a Second Language to people from all corners of the world who delight in sharing their cultures. She started playing the bass guitar only three years ago and has been singing with Jim for six years. She loves cooking, bicycling, gardening, traveling, their dog Golda My Ears, her new grandson Camdyn James and of course, Jim.


We live by two basic philosophies:

You’re never too old to have fun and try something new!

– Jim and Karen

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”

– Maya Angelou

Jim and Karen

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