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Take a Listen...

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Written in 1929 by “Fats” Waller and Harry Brooks, with lyrics by Anday Razaf, and first performed in the musical “Connie’s Hot Chocolates”.

Human Condition

Written by Jim in 2010.

Once in Every Lifetime

Written by Jim for his sister’s wedding in 1981, and sung at both his daughters’ weddings and his nephew’s wedding.It’s about finding the right person…

Norwegian Wood

A song by Lennon and McCartney, supposedly about either an extra-marital affair that John was having with German model Sonny Freeman or a night he spent in Shirley MacLaine’s apartment, depending on the version…

Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

Written by John Prine, far and away Jim’s favorite singer-songwriter, and released in 1986.“Bought myself an airplane ticket…” and off we go!

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